April 20, 2012

Happiest Moments

Happy Moments Happy Moments Did you see the editorial Joanna mentioned last Friday about life's happy moments? You can read Abbey's take on it here and the original editorial here. I thought it was so neat, the idea that there could be only a few moments of complete and total happiness that define our lives. Then I got to thinking about what mine would be, and I thought I would share.

Like Abbey, the first moments that came to mind were kind of predictable. Laying poolside with my sister in Vegas (or anywhere), Christmas mornings (especially the year we got AOL - it was all oooh. eeem. geeee!), Easter mornings (when we were really little and woke up to baskets overflowing with goodies), the day I adopted Cajun from the shelter (and the moments of snuggling him in the car before I drove him to his new home in Santa Monica).

Then there were some that surprised me a little. The hour I spent in the airport on my way to Kentucky to visit Jon in January (the feeling of excitement about starting this new life was intoxicating), waking up to a cool morning at our lake house and eating banana bread on the porch in my pajamas (this one brings me so much peace just thinking about it), waiting outside in my bathrobe for the Uhaul to pull up to my Manhattan Beach apartment the day my sister moved to California, the summer after my sophomore year in college when the world revolved around jean skirts and tans and romance, sitting in my parent's kitchen with my mom and sister eating Casa Ole chili con queso and talking (one of my happiest moments had to include chili con queso, right?).

Anyway, those are just a few that came to mind right away. Thinking about them makes me smile. What would you consider your happiest moments?

P.S. - I'm SO EXCITED about the Rivers & Spires festival this weekend in Clarksville, TN. I've been looking forward to it ever since I moved up here. Cotton candy, funnel cake, sausage on a stick - watch out - you are MINE! (I hope your weekend is filled with fun treats, too. Have a good one!)

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