April 23, 2012

Festival Weekend

Rivers & Spires 2012 Rivers & Spires 2012 Rivers & Spires 2012 Happy Monday! This weekend was a super lazy one. The weather was terrible (rain + freezing cold), but we braved it for the Rivers & Spires Festival and stuffed ourselves with fried catfish, funnel cake and fried Oreos - and boy, was it all delish! Then we hurried back home to get cozy and warm and spent the rest of the weekend lounging around the house and catching up on some TV shows (one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend).

Starting tomorrow and for the rest of this week, I'll be participating in Week In The Life 2012, which I'm super excited about. I won't be making all of my photos into a scrapbook, though - just documenting on the blog with a few words as a way of getting back into the habit of taking photos daily. (I feel like I've been slacking on documenting the little details of my days.) So, wish me luck!

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