May 15, 2012

Summer List

My fun little summer to-do list below, inspired by this lovely lady:

1. Soak up some sun (lots of it, everyday).

2. Chop off my hair.

3. Eat breakfast on the porch.

4. Go to a water park.

5. Sit around a campfire.

6. Eat way too many sno cones.

7. Wear nothing but neon on my nails.

8. Plant flowers.

9. Find a pair of white jeans I love and live in them.

10. Read a great book. (Any recommendations?)

11. Visit family.

12. Paint the kitchen (and buy a table!).

13. Float in a lake.

14. Make chocolate fondue.

15. Thump watermelons.

What's on your list?

Summer photos above from Pinterest.

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