August 13, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 25

25 Weeks
25 weeks this week! 15 more to go! (Give or take.) A little bit about what's going on in - and out of - that belly of mine... 

Wearing: Stretchy striped dresses (Never have I actually liked that stripes accentuate my middle until now)
Eating: Soft peppermints - I carry them in my pockets - it's an addiction
Feeling: Itchy! Someone scratch mah belly, pleeeeaaaase!
Loving: Rootbeer (and soft peppermints)
Worried About: Baby clothes (Will NB sizes be too small? Too big? Will 0-3 months do? Aaah!)
Excited About: Baby clothes (Gosh, they are just so darn CUTE!)

P.S. - Today is my birthday! I'll be back later with a birthday list for my 31st year! 


chrystal said...

one. you're adorable and glowing!!
two. go with 0-3. newborn will be too small in a matter of a week or two, typically, unless yours ends up like mine and never needed NB sizes OR 0-3 month stuff since they were so huge.
three. happy birthday gorgeous!!

alisha said...

Yay! A new birthday list. So fun. look great!!!! Your happiness is evident in every word that you type. Congratulations on all of your many blessings!

Happy Birthday!