August 15, 2012

31 Things To Do Before I Turn 32

31st Birthday31st Birthday31st Birthday31st Birthday 
1. Eat cotton candy at the Tennessee State Fair (done)
2. Learn to shoot a gun
3. Make a pregnancy photo book (like this one)
4. Name this baby in my belly (done)
5. Listen to jazz on the lawn at Beachaven Winery (done)
6. Organize the closets
7. Play in the snow (done)
8. Hunt for treasures at The Nashville Flea Market (done)
9. Simplify, simplify, simplify
10. Picnic by the Cumberland River
11. Have a baby (Aaaaaah!) (done)
12. Read four books - two fiction, two nonfiction
13. Finish redecorating the house
14. Set aside thirty minutes a day for spiritual growth
15. Bake a cake - from scratch
16. Watch season one of Homeland with Jon (done)
17. Learn a little baby sign language
18. Visit the Grand Ole Opry
19. Eat dinner on a boat
20. Lose the baby weight (with this)
21. Go to a rodeo (done)
22. Visit Fort Campbell HS for some Friday night lights
23. Take Brianne & Andy honky tonkin' on Broadway
24. Join a church
25. Tell stories around a campfire (done)
26. Sip some of Kix Brooks' wine (done)
27. Drink pina coladas in Mexico (postponed to Oct!)
28. Plant flowers
29. Marry this boy I love (done)
30. Cheer on the Tennessee Titans at a home game (done)
31. Watch a movie under the stars

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