September 19, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 30 & Number 1

30 Weeks
30 weeks, people! Only 10 more to go - or maybe less if this lady decides to come early (which I've been trying to convince her is a good idea). Here's a quick update on what I'm up to:

Wearing: Maternity clothes! My belly has finally outgrown all of my non-maternity shirts, so I treated myself to a little maternity shopping spree at Old Navy. Cords, jeans, sweaters - oh my, am I ready for fall! :)
Eating: Honey toast, double stuffed Halloween Oreos, mandarin oranges, cheese + crackers, lots of milk
Feeling: Out of breath - all. the. time.
Loving: Getting baby shower presents in the mail - it's so much fun to open things and set them up
Worried About: Labor! (I'm pretty sure this will be a main stay from now until the end.) Did anyone see the Keeping Up With the Kardashians finale? Courtney cried on her way to the hospital because she was scared of labor, and I cried on my couch with her. #ifeelyagirl
Excited About: Baby's first Christmas (Yes, I've already got holidays on the brain.)

P.S. - This also crosses number 1 off the list! We snapped this photo at the Tennessee State Fair this past weekend where we ate lots of good fair food (cotton candy, roasted corn, turkey legs, so much lemonade), played with some really cute sheep and threw darts at balloons. More photos from the fair coming up next week!

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