April 12, 2013

Number 26

Arrington Vineyards Arrington Vineyards Arrington Vineyards Arrington Vineyards
Can be crossed of the list! We visited Arrington Vineyards (Kix Brooks' winery) about a month or so ago on a day that was sunny, but still pretty cold. I'm learning that even when you plan ahead, things like this are pretty tough with a little one. I did my wine tasting alone while Jon walked a cranky Wren around the grounds, then we had a pretty stressful little picnic outside while Wren cried and cried (and cried) until she finally fell asleep. During the silence that followed, we sipped one of Kix Brooks' red wines, ate sandwiches we picked up from Panera Bread and enjoyed the view. All in all, it definitely wasn't the peaceful, relaxing day I had expected, but at least the photos are pretty, right? ;)

Wishing you all a great weekend. The weather should be nice here, so I'm hoping to get out and enjoy some more sunshine - maybe even scratch a few more things off the old birthday list!

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