October 10, 2012

Number 29

Number 29
Can be crossed off the list! Jon and I went down to the courthouse a couple weeks ago with just a few close friends and made our little family official, and we couldn't be happier. :)

Jon proposed on July 4th (during the Fort Campbell fireworks show, which was seriously so romantic), but finding time for the ceremony was pretty hard with all of our baby planning, house redecorating, trips to Texas, etc. So, even though most of the details for our little day came together at the last minute (I found my dress the day before - the day before! - and I loved everything about it), it all turned out just like we wanted it to.

After the ceremony, we drove up to Evansville, IN for a fancy dinner, a swanky hotel room and a little riverboat gambling - and that was that. Simple. Sweet. Perfect.

*Sweet surprise: Jon surprised me with the rose bouquet on our way to the courthouse - such a sweet boy, that one. Two weeks later, the roses are still in a vase on our table, looking just as lovely as ever.

*Fun fact: The main stone in my engagement ring is a black diamond that Jon bought while deployed in Afghanistan last year. I love that in addition to being beautiful (and unique!), it also has a story behind it. 

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