November 4, 2012

Number 30

Tennessee Titans
Can be crossed off the list! Last weekend we watched the Titans take on the Colts at LP Field in Nashville, and it was a beautiful day to watch some football! Even though our true team is the Dallas Cowboys, it was fun to root for the Titans for a day (we even got Titans hats so we'd fit in). In the end, the Colts pulled out the win, but it was still a lot of fun. We'd love to go to more games in the future!

P.S. - One of my favorite parts of watching NFL and NCAA football games live is being able to see the cheerleaders do their cheers and routines - I just love them! And since this Titans game was the week before Halloween, the cheerleaders changed out of their uniforms and into Halloween costumes after the start of the game. It was a fun, festive little twist on things, and they all looked gorgeous, as usual!

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