November 6, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 37

37 Weeks
Week 37 flew by! (I'll  be 38 weeks tomorrow - woooo hoooo!) Not a whole lot of new developments this week, except that we finished the nursery and wrapped up some house projects that needed to be done before baby gets here. Our to-do-before-baby list is getting really, really tiny now - just a few more things and we'll be all set! (But if she decided to come this afternoon, I would be completely ok with it - no need to wait on that to-do list, baby girl!)

Now for a quick update...

Wearing: My maternity sweaters - it's coooold here! (48 degrees today)
Eating: Cinnamon rolls for breakfast, cookies for lunch, peppermint ice cream for dinner (ok, ok, maybe I'm not, but sometimes it feels like it - sweets will be banished after baby, I swear!)
Feeling: Very mild cramps a few times a day - I'm hoping this means something is going on in there?
Loving: Life. My sweet husband. My cute cats. The beautiful Kentucky fall. Early holiday shopping. The excitement that everyday brings us closer to baby time. All of it.
Worried About: Contractions and what they'll feel like.
Excited About: Getting this show on the road! :)


alisha said...

Have you decided not to have an epidural?

I'm loving your posts! Cant wait to see the first pics of baby girl!

Charisse said...

Hey Alisha - I wish I could go without the epidural, but this girl is a WUSS!! ;) I will definitely be having one - hopefully it's a good one that works just like it should. Eeeek, I'm SO nervous! :)