November 13, 2012

Pregnancy Update: Week 38

38 Weeks
For those of you who haven't heard yet, we're having this baby on Saturday, November 17!! (Unless she decides to come earlier on her own.) At my appointment last week, we brought up the subject of induction, and my doctor said he could get us on the schedule for this coming weekend. We thought it over for a while - I know a lot of people have horror stories about induction - and in the end, we decided to do it. Even though I think it would be fun to wait and see when and how labor starts on its own, the fact that induction guarantees that I'll have my doctor (who I love) deliver the baby AND guarantees that my mom, dad and sister will all be here with me when it happens is enough for me to take the risk. I'm so, so excited for my family to arrive on Friday and to welcome this little lady into the world on Saturday!!

Now for a little update...

Wearing: Sweats, sweaters, leggings, slippers - and probably not much else for the next 3 days! (Eeeek, 3 days!!)
Eating: Anything fattening I can get my hands on (because it's all fruits and veggies starting Sunday!)
Feeling: Still mild cramping throughout the day, which my doc says is good
Loving: The fact that we are READY - I mean, really really ready - for this
Worried About: That moment when I get to the hospital on Saturday and everything gets started (praying a million times a day for a smooth delivery and no c-section)
Excited About: 3 days!! 3 days!!

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[Good Mum Hunting] said...

Congratulations in advance! I have really enjoyed your count down posts.

Good luck with the induction too.