January 21, 2013

A Wren For Wren

A Wren For Wren
Jon and I took ourselves down to the tattoo shop last week and got some new ink in honor of Wren. We've both been wanting something new for a while now, and getting something for Wren just seemed perfect.

We both immediately thought of the idea of a bird (a wren for Wren), but I love how differently our ideas ended up being. The watercolor style of Jon's tattoo (on the right) is absolutely beautiful (even prettier in person!), and I love the simplicity of mine (on the left). We're both so excited with the way they turned out.

My parents are definitely not the tattoo type, but if they were, I think it would be really cool if they had a tattoo in honor of me. We hope Wren will feel the same way one day. :)

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picky said...

I'm really not a tattoo girl myself, but I think yours is absolutely gorgeous. I love how spare it is. Lovely.