January 18, 2013

Wren Winter: 2 months old

Wren Winter: 2 months old
Little Wren! You turned two months old yesterday! I can't believe how much you've grown in the past month. There have been so many new developments. First - and most importantly - you started smiling! This has definitely been our favorite of your new tricks. You are such a happy baby, and it doesn't take much to get you to show off that grin. In the morning when you first wake up, you are especially happy and love to "chat" with me and smile a whole bunch before I get you out of your bed for the day.

And speaking of beds, you're sleeping so good these days! We started a new (and stricter) bedtime routine with you after the holidays, and it has paid off. You're sleeping in 7 and 8 hour chunks now (instead of 3 hours at a time), and mommy could not be happier! :) (It helps that you love your Snug Bunny Rock 'n Play sleeper. I don't blame you. It's so cozy I kind of wish they made them in adult size.)

Other highlights from your second month: You made your first trip to Texas and did great on the way there (not so great on the way back, but that's ok). You got your first cold over the Christmas holidays, complete with sneezes, coughs and lots of congestion, but you're doing much better now. You still really like bath time, but hate having your hair washed, dried or brushed. You figured out how to blow spit bubbles, and your lips are now constantly full of them. You've taken a liking to your swing (finally!) and would spend the whole day in it if we'd let you. You outgrew nearly all of your newborn size clothes (which is fun because we got to break out a whole new 0-3 month wardrobe, but is sad because you're growing so. dang. fast.). You don't like tummy time at all, but you do like to practice holding your head up when we're holding you. You also like to smush your face into our chest/arm/arm pit when we're holding you and root around like you're digging a hole with your head, leaving us covered in spit (sort of gross). You still love a good stretch, and never pass up an opportunity to throw your arms over your head and point your toes down as far as they'll go, pushing your little belly up to the sky as you do. (We really have to get this on video because it's hilarious.) Overall, you seem much more alert these days, and when you look at us, it feels like you're really looking at us (so fun!).

We are so excited to watch you grow, little bird! We love you soooo much. Happy two month birthday, and may all your days be happy ones.

P.S. - Wren at 1 month old here!

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