April 22, 2013

Wren Winter: 5 months old

Wren Winter: 5 months old Wren Winter: 5 months old
My little Wren! You turned five months old last week. I can't even believe it. That sounds like such a big baby to me, and you are so big these days. My arms hurt when I hold you for too long! Your legs and your cheeks have packed on some serious chub in the last month - you're at 16.6 pounds now (and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever).

Some highlights from the past month: You love, love, love to sit up, but you can't do it on your own just yet. If you lean all the way over and prop yourself up with your hands, you can sit for a little bit, but you've still got work to do in the balance department. You're not a big fan of your Bumbo seat (you only like to sit in it for about five minutes at a time) - you prefer for us to hold you sitting up while you play with your toys - or better yet, hold you standing up! When we stand you up, you get SO excited and smile SO big. Your legs wobble and wobble, but you would stand up all day if you could.

While this stage is so fun because you're able to grab things and hold them, play with your toys and start to gain control of your body, it's also very frustrating (for you and for us) because you want to do more than you're able to do. Sometimes, when you want to sit up on your own or you want to hold a toy that keeps falling out of your hand, you get really mad and your face turns red and you swing your arms and shake your head like a gorilla. I bet it's really hard being five months old, and (even though I don't want you to grow up too fast) I can't wait until you can sit and crawl and do all the things you want to do - I think you'll have so much fun!

You've been laughing a whole lot this month. Sometimes, you just bust out with the giggles for no reason. You get really hyper in the afternoons, and you'll kick your legs like a crazy person and crack up laughing at yourself. You really are such a happy baby.

Another thing we've noticed recently is a difference in the way you react to me and to your dad. When you look at me, you're all smiley and silly, but when you look at your dad, you're very coy and almost flirtatious. You stick your little tongue out with the tip almost touching your nose and you raise your little eyebrows, just like a little flirt! It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, and your dad absolutely loves it. :)

As you learn to move your little body, you've figured out that if you're sitting up against something and you straighten your whole body out repeatedly, you can inch down and down and down into a different spot, like a little inch worm. It's pretty funny to watch. You've even started to do it in the bathtub. You inch down and down your bath seat until only your head is on the seat and your body is floating in the water, and you're happy as a clam. (I watch you closely to make sure you don't go under, of course.)

And last but not least, you've started teething! We can see one tiny little tip of a tooth in the front, and we think you might have something coming up in the back, too. You're always chewing on your fingers in those two spots, and when we stick our fingers in your mouth to check out the situation, you clamp down and grind away and it HURTS - haha! 

Happy five month birthday, my Wren - may all your days be happy ones! 

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