May 6, 2013

Big Move

2013 Move
Have I mentioned we're moving in three weeks? No? Oops! ;) Must've slipped my mind (or more like I put it out of my mind because I. Hate. Moving.)

Jon found out a few months back that he would be reassigned to Fort Lee, VA sometime this summer. At first, we thought he'd be starting work there in May, but he got it pushed back to June. It feels like a really long time ago that we first found out, and it's already here!

We'll be making the big move the last week in May, and Jon will start work at Fort Lee on June 20th. We decided to put our house up for sale (fingers crossed that someone snatches it up soon!), which is a little nerve-wracking - and we don't have a house at Fort Lee yet, so we'll be moving into an extended stay hotel while we look for one. (I'm not the kind to rent a house without seeing it first.)

While we're sad to leave this area, we're also super excited to get to know and experience a new place (with beaches nearby!). We'll be about 30 minutes outside of Richmond, so if you have any fun recommendations for the area, please let me know about them! And wish me luck (and sanity) for the next month or so - I'm going to need it!


picky said...

Um, you should totally buy the Young House Love house! Do you follow that blog? They just put their house up for sale in Richmond, and it is so stinking cute.

I hate moving, too, so I don't blame you for not wanting to deal with all of that, but decorating a new place is so fun!

Breezy said...

Congratulations! Moving is fun/not fun/exciting/anxiety-inducing/ and refreshing! Hope it goes well for you guys and sending some good house-selling juju your way!