May 7, 2013

This Girl

Silly Wren
The other day, Wren and I were playing on the floor with her toys, and I was taking selfies of us (like all good moms do). When I was using the front-facing camera, Wren was so serious, no smiles, staring at her image in the phone. After a few shots, I started using the self timer app and turned the camera around (so we couldn't see ourselves), and that's when I captured the two gems above. I couldn't see her face so I had no idea that she was being such a ham until I turned the camera around to look at the pictures. I almost died from laughter. What a little goof! Haha!

(And yes, that is a string of drool coming out of her mouth in the second pic. We've got drool for days over here. Drool for days.)

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