June 19, 2013

A Day in DC

Washington, DC Washington, DC Washington, DC Washington, DC Washington, DC Washington, DC
Jon's mom lives a couple hours north of us and only 20 minutes from DC, so a couple weekends ago, we picked her up and headed to the capital for some historical sight-seeing (my first time to see the city!). We just so happened to park right next to the giant H&M, so our day started out with some baby clothes shopping. H&M baby clothes are my favorite! I'm so glad we have one close by now.

After that, we walked over to the White House and took some pictures, which was really neat - but we had to look at it from so far back that I wasn't able to get a very good picture. Then we walked past the Washington Monument (which is being worked on right now so we couldn't go up close) and over to the World War II Memorial where we cooled off by putting our feet in the water. Next up was the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial. Out of all of it, the Lincoln Memorial was my favorite. I had only seen it in movies so it was really cool to see it in real life. I imagined the Lincoln statue to be much smaller than it is - it's HUGE.

I really loved the city and definitely look forward to seeing more of it while we're here in Virginia!

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