June 18, 2013

Virginia Beach, Baby

Beach Day Beach Day Beach Day Beach Day Beach Day
The weekend after we moved into our new apartment here in Virginia, we decided to head down to Virginia Beach to see what it was like. It's about three hours away from us (which is kind of a bummer), but we made the drive and it was definitely worth it. We had lunch at a place on the main street that runs along the beach. Then we found ourselves a spot on the sand, and let Wren play (aka try to shove sand into her mouth when we weren't looking). She LOVED the sand. Then we brought her down to the water (which was FREEZING), and she liked that, too - but not as much as eating the sand. ;)

When we were done playing in the water, Wren fell asleep bundled up in her towel while I held her (the sound of those waves must've been mesmerizing because she rarely falls asleep while we're holding her these days). Jon and I sat in the sun for a while and then decided to let her sleep in her stroller while we did some walking up and down the main street. That's where I got that delicious ice cream cone you see up there. YUM! It was a fun little day at the beach. We're looking forward to going back more this summer (hopefully once the water warms up a little bit!).

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