September 24, 2013


Making: up excuses to get out of the house and enjoy the nice weather
Cooking: up plans for a winter vacation
Drinking: sweet tea - it's my new thing
Reading: about French parenting and trying to copy it
Wanting: a new sweater or two
Looking: out the window, at the trains
Playing: peek-a-boo (Wren's favorite)
Wasting: time pinning Christmas gift ideas
Sewing: strings of lace onto onesies
Wishing: Jon had more weekends off
Enjoying: Fall TV
Waiting: on Wren to wake up
Liking: my new hair
Wondering: what I should eat for dinner
Loving: breakfast + homemade pumpkin spice lattes
Hoping: the wind stays chilly

Marveling: at every new thing Wren learns 
Smelling: a salted caramel candle (that my husband hates, but I love)
Wearing: jeans with too many holes
Needing: new jeans with less holes
Following: dinner with dessert (chocolate covered marshmallows - yummm)
Noticing: my nails are entirely too long
Knowing: I need to drink more water
Thinking: about this blog and keeping it up to date
Bookmarking: quotes about motherhood
Opening: my computer every morning to work
Giggling: with my baby bird
Feeling: happy

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Anonymous said...

How do you make pumpkin spice lattes??? I love them but SB is too expensive!