September 23, 2013

Wren Winter: 10 months old

Wren Winter: 10 months Wren Winter: 10 months
Wren Winter - you turned 10 months old on September 17th, and it totally surprised me! I'm usually anticipating your next month weeks in advance, but 10 months crept up on me. Only two more months until you're a 1 year old - that's just crazy!

I feel like your personality has really started to show lately. You're such a little sweet heart - you love snuggles, and anytime I sit down on the floor, you come crawling over from wherever you are in the house to give me a big hug (and bite my collar bone with your two sharp teeth). You're also incredibly silly. You know when you're doing something silly, because your dad and I laugh at you, and then you keep doing the silly thing over and over again so that we keep laughing. A little ham, indeed.

As I mentioned in your 8 & 9 month update, you had a little sleep regression in your 9th month, but all was good in your 10th month (thank goodness). You usually wake up around 8am, take a nap from 11am-3pm, and go to bed at 8pm.

A few of your favorite things from your 10th month:
Throwing your bath toys out of the tub, then standing up slowly and peering over the edge to see where they landed. Hanging upside down off of the couch on mommy's legs. Mommy's computer - you spend 80% of your day trying to click the keys. Practicing your standing - you are up and down and up and down all. day. long. (Your legs must be so strong by now!) Practicing your pageant wave. Walking along the furniture - you travel a million miles a day from one end of the couch to the other (usually while trying to touch my computer). Playing with the cats. Taking things out of baskets. Putting things into baskets.

During your 10th month, you went to the zoo and the fair for the first time. You were generally unimpressed with both (this goat didn't even get you excited), but you did like the sno cones, which isn't a surprise because you're still the best little eater ever. Your favorites right now are noodles, cheese, bananas and apple sauce.

You're such a sweet little baby bird - and I love you so! Happy 10 month birthday, Wren! May all your days be happy ones! :)

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