September 14, 2014

Wren Winter: 22 Months Old

Wren: 22 Months Wren: 22 Months Wren: 22 Months  Wren: 22 Months
Wren is such a character these days. Twenty two months is definitely a hilarious (if challenging at times) age. I wanted to write a quick update with a few fun facts about this crazy lady to help us remember how much fun she was at this age.


The cats - she loves to tell Cajun and Whiskey good morning every morning and runs to give them hugs when we come back to the apartment after being gone for the day. She also loves to hold the cats on her lap like a baby. She crawls up on the couch, sits with her legs straight out and pats her lap - that's how you know she wants to hold a cat.

Dogs - even though we don't have dogs, she loves when we see dogs out and about or on TV. She barks like a dog when you ask her what a dog says (but it sounds more like a monster growling).

Fruit - she is still a great little eater and loves any and all kinds of fruit - bananas, strawberries, oranges, peaches, blueberries - you name it, she loves it.

Climbing - she is a total monkey and loves to climb on anything and everything - the couches, dining room chairs, beds, the rocking chair in her room (she's a pro at rocking, too). A lot of times she can get herself up into or onto something, but can't get down. Then she sits there and says "Help, Help, Help" until someone comes and helps her down.

Magazines - she has recently taken an interest in magazines. We get random magazines in the mail, and she gets really excited. She sits on the couch and flips through them for hours - and it looks like she's really looking at everything!

Books - she loves books, even though she hardly sits still to listen to an entire book from start to finish. Sometimes she will read a book to us - which is my favorite. Flipping pages and baby babble make for a great story time.

Being chased - she loves to be chased. She screams at the top of her lungs and laughs until she gets the hiccups. It's the cutest.

Helping - she loves to help me with household chores like filling up the cats' food bowl in the morning, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. It takes her about 5x longer to fill up the cats' food bowl than it takes me, but I let her do it every time because she loves it so. :)

Music - This girl LOVES music. Anytime she hears music, she immediately looks up with surprise and joy and gets down on the floor so she can move. Then she starts swaying, throws her hands in the air and jumps from place to place on her tippy toes. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen. It's like she really feels the music in her bones. I love it.


We switched Wren's crib to a toddler bed a month or so ago, and she has done really great with the transition. She does sleep less overall hours than she used to - I think because she knows she can get up and play with her toys as soon as she's awake so she doesn't try to fall back asleep - but we haven't had any trouble with her getting out of the bed when she should be going to bed. She wakes up around 7am now (she used to sleep until 9am most days), and we can hear her bumping around in her room, playing with toys. Sometimes she knocks on the door, letting us know she's ready to come out. (We have doorknob locks on the doors, so she can't get out on her own.)


Even though she's not a big talker just yet, she does have a few words that she knows really well, and she sounds so cute when she says them, including - Bye Bye, Hi, Hey, Shoes, Cheese, Eye, Help, Book, Milk, Bath. (Still no momma or daddy - I guess cheese is more important than that.) Although her words may be few, she understands EVERYTHING and we are always amazed when we ask her to do something, just being silly, and she really does it. (Hey Wren, can you go into the bathroom and get some tissue to blow your nose? - and she does!)


Hugs & Kisses - this little girl is a serious love bug right now. She gives the best hugs and kisses. Sometimes she will climb up on the couch, squish herself real close by my side, look up at me and say "Hey." Then she'll throw her arms around my neck and huuuuug me with all her might. She's a pro at eskimo kisses and loves to stare deep into your eyes for minutes at a time while your noses touch.

Sassiness - She has definitely started showing signs of extreme sassiness lately. She now knows she doesn't HAVE to come in the apartment when we get to the door, she can run back down the hallway or stand stubbornly across the hall and refuse to move. She now knows she doesn't HAVE to lay still for a diaper change OR a clothes change, she can wiggle and wiggle and try to run away, giggling the whole time. (We've also had to deal with a few throw-yourself-on-the-ground-cry-and-kick-your-legs tantrums lately - not the best part of parenting, for sure.)

Overall, she's such a sweet, caring, loving little girl. She's curious and loves people. She waves at strangers and reaches out to touch them when they walk by. She says "Bye Bye" to everyone when she leaves them, even the cats. She has her sassy moods, but for the most part, she is cheerful and easy going, independent, social, easily adaptable to new situations, places and people, and she's the perfect little side kick to do life with.

I know I've said it about every stage, but 22 months is my favorite. I love seeing her unique personality come through, and I love that we can feel her love so strongly these days because she can show us herself. I'm so glad I get a front row seat to watch her grow into the person she's meant to be. :)

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