September 19, 2014

Baby #2: Four Month Update

Baby #2: Four Months 

Feeling - MUCH BETTER! (Thank goodness!) The yuckiness that I dealt with in the first trimester finally made it's way out around week 15 or so, and now I am happy to say that I feel GREAT. I can eat anything and not get sick, I have tons of energy and my moods are more stable (even though I do still cry at every single baby/mother/parenting related thing that I see). If you want to know the nitty gritty, though - I am starting to be short of breath a lot and my feet cramp up at the slightest point of the toe. Not fun, but I'll take those things over feeling sick to my stomach all day long any day!

Craving - Sweets, Rootbeer, MILK, Cereal. All of my food aversions are gone now so I'm back to eating veggies (when I'm not eating cookies), and I'm actually toying with the idea of trying a Whole30 or No Sugar challenge in the coming months. What do you think - am I crazy?

Wearing - Maternity jeans and tees. I learned the joys of maternity clothes late in my pregnancy with Wren, but I am taking full advantage this time around. I got myself some super comfy maternity jeans from Gap and a handful of maternity tees from Old Navy and they are perfect for this in-between summer and fall weather we have going on.

Wondering - What gender this baby in my belly is!! (We find out tomorrow - I am DYING to know.) I'm leaning toward boy just because this pregnancy has been different from the first (in that I felt much, much worse) + the heart rate was in the 130-140 range at our last appointment and Wren's was always around 150. We will see very soon!! (Hopefully - if he/she cooperates.)

Thinking - Of names - always thinking of names. At night before I fall asleep, I run through name combos in my head. Once we know the gender, we'll start narrowing in on some. We already have some favorites, so I don't think it'll take us long to decide this time around (but we're still keeping it a secret until the birth).

Doing - Some major nesting. We've lived in our apartment for a year now, but there were still some rooms unfinished. That has changed in the last month or two! I've been like a tornado, ordering/painting/moving/hanging/redecorating rooms and getting everything just so.

(See my three month (and first) update for baby #2 here.)

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