December 21, 2014

Wren Winter: 25 Months Old

Wren Winter: 25 Months Old Wren Winter: 25 Months Old Wren Winter: 25 Months Old Wren Winter: 25 Months Old
Wren has such a big personality right now at 25 months old. I know I just did a 22 month update, but she has learned so much in the three months since then, I felt like I needed to do another one! Every day she learns more words, does something completely hilarious, and reveals a little bit more of her sassy and sweet personality. There are so many things I don't want to forget about this stage, like these little gems below:

She has started saying yes and no to everything, but she says yes like "Yep" or "Uh huh" and no like "No-ah" with this very sassy tone. It is hilarious and cracks me up every time. I know I shouldn't laugh when I'm telling her it's time to get out of the bathtub and she's saying "No-ah, No-ah!" over and over again, but I can't help it. (And then I picture her saying it the exact same way when she's 15 and I'm asking her to clean her room and somehow I don't think it'll be as funny then.)

She has started saying a lot more words and pairing words together to make phrases. Some of my favorites (in addition to "no-ah") are: "Dada wuck" (Daddy's at work), Momma (it took her FOREVER to say this so I love it every time), "When" (Wren), "Ro Ro" (Rowan), "cat foo" (cat food), "mulk" (milk), "bubba" (bubbles), "cuh" (color), "go" (here you go), "uh oh" (anytime something bad happens), "no no" (usually said to the cats when they are bad along with a pointed finger), "choo choo" (train), "toot toot" (the sound an owl makes), "shuga" (sugar), "booga" (booger), "chee chob" (good job), and "tee too" (thank you).

When she sees something that is really, really cool or pretty or amazing, she says "Oooh Wow, Oooh Wow, Oooh Wow!" over and over again and it's the best. Things she thinks are worthy of an "Oooh Wow!" moment include the paper plate Christmas tree she made at school, the cereal I eat in the morning and colorful rolls of washi tape. ;)

She calls herself "you" when she sees pictures of herself, but it sounds more like "eewwww!"

She is still incredibly sweet and will pucker her lips for kisses, wiggle her nose against yours for Eskimo kisses and open her arms wide for hugs. Sometimes it catches you completely off guard, which makes it even better. The other night, I was giving her a bath and being really silly and she was cracking up and then suddenly she was puckering for a kiss, and it caught me so off guard that I almost cried from the sweetness.

She is learning to count and knows that 2 comes after 1, but then she wants to jump to five and eight - those are her favorites. She knows she is 2 years old, and will tell you she's two if you ask her, but she can't show you just two fingers. Instead, she holds out her hand with all of her fingers spread far apart and says "two." Then asks for help to hold two fingers up and the others down.

When she hears Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," she immediately jumps up and shakes her booty - meaning hands on the sides of her butt and moving her hips from side to side. It's the cutest thing ever! Her favorite music is not pop, though - it's indie folk music (think Mumford and Sons type music) - and she wants it on all the time. She asks to dance the minute she wakes up and any moment of the day when music is not on.

After her bath every night, when I get her out of the tub and wrap her in her towel, she snuggles up on my lap inside her towel so that I can't see her at all - just a big towel bundle on my lap - and she stays there for a while until she's warm enough to come out and get into her pjs.

Now that we've started potty training, we let her sleep with her door open so she can come tell us when she needs to go to the bathroom. This means her wake up time has gotten earlier. She's up every morning at 6:30am like clockwork now. Jon and I will probably regret this, but we've been taking her to the bathroom and then letting her get into bed with us for a little snuggling until we're ready to get up for the day. She usually does not fall back asleep, but she does lay in the bed very quietly and rubs our faces or gives us kisses every once in a while. Again, her sweetness kills me.

She has recently taken an interest in one of the baby dolls that she has. It has clothes that come off, so she loves to undress and dress it (with our help every time since she can't do it on her own). She loves to put her diapers and underwear on it, too. And she has started setting it places, like in her high chair or on the couch, and bringing it books or crayons to play with. I caught her setting it up at the table in her high chair and moving her mouth like she was talking to it but with no sound coming out, and I almost died.

This age is definitely one of my favorites. She is just so new everyday - I don't ever want to forget any of it! :)

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