March 18, 2010

DIY Overload

Saw this post on 100 Layer Cake just now, and couldn't help but feel relieved after reading the first paragraph. It's true - if I add one more DIY detail to the wedding, I feel I may spontaneously combust, and yet, there they are, plenty and plenty of cute details staring out at me from photos and blogs and magazines, begging me to add them to my list.

It's hard, I tell ya, loving the details.

The other day, during one of our many trips down the lengthy to-do list, I asked Mason if I absolutely must cut out slips of paper for guests to write notes on in place of a sign in book. (I saw it somewhere. I loved it. I added it to the list.) He told me that it was completely not required and was something we could do at the end if we had time after everything else. I took a deep breath and let it go.

That's what you have to do sometimes, I suppose. Just let it go...

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