March 18, 2010

Song Search

Last night on American Idol, I watched Lacey Brown sing "The Story," and I LOVED it - so romantic and pretty and the words are so great. I immediately added it to the small "possible first dance song" list we have going.

Not knowing who sang it, I did a little searching this morning and found out it's Brandi Carlile, a Seattle native. I listened to a couple different versions - acoustic and non acoustic - and some covers, and I couldn't find a version I liked better than Lacey Brown's on Idol. Hers was very mellow throughout, but the original version actually gets a little harder in the middle.

I suppose we could ask someone to sing it for us. That way they could modify it how we wanted. Check it out on YouTube when you get a chance and let me know what you think. Also, if you know of anyone who does a mellow cover of this song, please, please leave the info in the Comments section!

In the meantime, the first dance song search goes on...

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