October 22, 2010

Halloween Fun


Remember the plum tart I mentioned here and here? Well I'm over that silly little plum tart - oh yes, I am. After three (three!) trips to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients only to find (on the last trip) that the store was out of baking powder, I folded the recipe up nice and neat and filed it away. That tart and I are not meant to be right now - and I'm ok with that.

Instead, I baked Halloween cupcakes (seen above) and a gingerbread loaf in preparation for the 4th Annual Ye Old Pumpkin Carving Contest tonight. Mason and I are hosting this year, and there will be pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin beer. Cajun might even make an appearance in his pumpkin costume - which is always a crowd pleaser.

May your weekend be filled with fall fun! (And may my pumpkin be the best of them all!)

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