November 23, 2010

Christmas Card Outtakes

Christmas Card Outtakes
Christmas Card Outtakes

Let me start out by saying two things:

#1 - I really do love my wonderful husband who goes along with all of my silly ideas (which sometimes include Santa hats and photo shoots.)
#2 - Taking photos with a cat who is not happy to be wearing a Santa hat is not the easiest thing in the world.

I'm very excited to report that I ordered our Christmas cards yesterday (a few outtakes from our photo shoot above). I ended up going with a photo card from Tiny Prints, and they've been fantastic to work with. The designer working on my order actually called me on the phone with a few questions, and he even offered to lighten up the gold tones in the photos if I'd like. (What a nice, nice guy - and yes, I would like that very much.)

I can't wait to get them in the mail and see how they turned out. I'll post a photo just as soon as they've been signed, sealed and delivered!


alisha said...

I really like the kissy face one! Happy Thanksgiving!

Charisse said...

Thanks, Alisha!! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! Hope you eat lots of good food and stay WARM! :)

You Are My Fave said...

Looks like fun. It's always such a pain to get my husband to do anything like this.

KERRY said...

These are so cool! What a great idea!