June 18, 2012

Checking In

Philadelphia, PA
Wow, it's been a ca-razy few weeks. I've been busy getting set up with the new job and spent last week in Philadelphia for training. The photo above was snapped on the freeway in between the airport and the office - but sadly, that was pretty much all we got to see of the city. (We did manage to order in Philly cheese steaks for lunch one day, though and boy, were they goooood!)

In between training sessions, Cajun and I also found time to road trip down to Texas for a few weeks. Since Jon is away at a training school right now, I decided to squeeze in some family time. (Just one of the MANY perks of working from home, which I am still so grateful for.) It's been fun to spend time with my mom and dad in Beaumont and my sister in Houston. (This weekend, we're planning a trip to Galveston for some water park and beach time, and I cannot wait!)

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hello in the midst of all my summer fun and new job to-dos. As things settle down, I promise to be back in this space more, but until then - Happy Summer!

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