November 22, 2014

Baby #2: Six Month Update

Baby #2: Six Months

Feeling - A really crazy baby jumping, punching and rolling around in my belly all day and all night. I seriously don't know when this kid sleeps. She keeps me company all day long, and every time I wake up in the night (for my many bathroom trips), she's wide awake and practicing her gymnastics. She better learn to get some shut eye - staying up 24-7 is NOT going to work when she's on the outside! 

Craving - Milk. And that's pretty much it. I'm not having too many crazy cravings at this point. But I could seriously drink a gallon of milk a day if I let myself.

Wearing - Leggings! I outgrew my Gap maternity jeans and have been living in two different pairs of black leggings and some maternity cords I got when I was pregnant with Wren. I recently bought two new pairs of maternity jeans - one from Old Navy and one from Destination Maternity. I'm hoping they'll get me through to the end. I've done a lot more maternity clothes shopping this time around. I told Jon that means we need to have another baby after this one so I can get my wear out of them. ;)

Wondering - If I should give breastfeeding a try this time around. I did not breastfeed Wren, and I was/am completely happy with that decision. I did go back and forth a lot before I decided, though and I think that's where I'm at again - in the back and forth. 

Thinking - Of middle names - all. the. time. We finally decided on baby girl's first name (don't even ask - we're keeping it a secret until she's born) - now we just need to agree on a middle name to go with it. It's harder than you think! I've actually been saying 'well, I guess she doesn't HAVE to have a middle name.' That's how hard it is for us to decide.

Doing - A whole lot of non-baby stuff. I've already washed and folded tons of tiny clothes, gotten out all of Wren's old toys, rearranged our bedroom to make room for the baby to sleep, made detailed lists of everything we'll need to buy before she gets here and took inventory of what of Wren's we can use again (bouncer, car seat) and what we need to buy (double stroller, swing), so I'm in a really good place. Every month, I buy a few things off of our must-buy list and in January, I will pack my hospital bag. Eeek!

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