March 19, 2013

Wren Winter: 3 & 4 months old

Wren Winter: 3 & 4 months old Wren Winter: 3 Months Old
My Wren bird! You turned four months old on Sunday (St. Patrick's Day!). I don't even know where your third month went - time is flying by so fast! Your third and fourth month were full of so many new developments. Most importantly - you started laughing!! It's the best sound in the world and completely hilarious, but you don't do it all the time - days go by without a laugh - which makes it that much better when you do decide something is funny enough to laugh at. You've also gained a lot of strength in your neck and head, and you love to sit up and look around. (You get frustrated when we lay you down sometimes, because all you want to do is sit up like the big girl that you are.)

You've also gained quite a bit of hand coordination and love to try to hold your toys, your blankets and anything else you can grab. As soon as you get something in your little grip, it goes straight into your mouth. (What are toys for except to eat, right?) In addition to your toys, you love to eat your hands, too. All day everyday, your hands are in your mouth (even though we try to keep them out, since we're scared you'll become a thumb sucker if you get too used to it) and drool. is. everywhere. You're a messy little thing these days, that's for sure.

You still love your bath time, and you've actually started to not hate tummy time. We got you a mirror to play with, and when you do tummy time in front of the mirror, you're all smiles. (Who wouldn't be with such a cute baby to look at??) You've also started to roll onto your side when you're on your play mat. We like to take your arm and roll you all the way over to show you how it works, but you haven't caught on to the full roll just yet.

Your dad and I think it's so fun to watch you grow and learn to use your little body in different ways (Woah! Are those my feet?! Get those feet in my mouuuth!). We love your crazy arms and your busy legs that are always kicking, and we get so excited every time you show us a new trick. You're growing and changing so fast - I'm so glad you're ours and we get to experience everything with you!

Happy four month birthday, little Wren - and may all your days be happy ones.

1 month old Wren, 2 month old Wren

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